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Aconcagua Flash™ Polish Traverse

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The Aconcagua with its 6962 m, is the highest mountain of the American continent and one of the Seven Summits.

From the natives referred to as “The Stone Sentinel”, rises in the west of Argentina in the province of Mendoza. He is also part of the Andean mountain chain that separates Argentina and Chile and is surrounded by beauteous landscape.

But its significance is not just of geographical and historical nature: The Incas, the most powerfull of the Andean dwellers, considered the Aconcagua as temple which is demonstrated by the abundance of art pieces, religious items and even mumies found that show a relation to the mountain.

Relatively early, the Aconcagua became also relevant in mountaineering: In 1882 the first expedition to the so called “Roof of America” was launched and until today, the Aconcagua is a popular target for mountaineers and adventurers from all over the world. Especially its relative technical simplicity paired with its high altitude of almost 7000 m, makes the Aconcagua a perfect preparation mountain for the easier 8000ers of the Himalaya.

It is quite busy at the Roof of America. But for those who can refrain from its well-trodden paths and wander its thoughts over the unending expanses of the Andes, the Aconcagua hasn’t lost much of its appeal and beauty that must have already compelled the Incas.

To raise the chances of success for a summit, we begin with the acclimatization process via hypoxic tents at the participants’ home, 3 weeks prior to our actual departure to Nepal. Those tents are going to be set up by our experts and under their supervision, the expedition members body will slowly be acclimatized to a height that is equivalent to around 5000m altitude. Furtenbach Adventures is using hypoxic tents since almost two decades and we have a long experience with these means of acclimatization for high altitude mountaineering. In 2016, our team was the first successful Everest expedition, where all participants where pre-acclimatized with hypoxic tents. This decreased the time we had to acclimatize at the mountain significantly, before we could start our ascent to the summit. After reaching the summit, we were also the only team that was able to descend in one go to Camp 2. This higher performance capacity contributes largely to the safety aspect, thanks to proper pre-acclimatization.


  • The highest mountain of the American continent
  • Stunning 360° route
  • Individual support by our mountain guide (only 3-4 people per guide)
  • Helicopter transportation (Basecamp)
  • Perfect acclimatization in hypoxic tents and shortened length of expedition
  • Travelling through the beautiful scenery of the Andean region


1. Day: Mendoza (760m).
Arrival at the airport and transfer to the hotel. Get together with the mountain guide and other participants, mutual briefing of the exact sequence of the upcoming days.

2. Day: Mendoza – Penitentes (2725m).
Transfer from Mendoza to Penitentes. Last preparations for our climb (as for example collection of the permit). Dinner and overnight in Penitentes (flight to the basecamp this day if the conditions are good)

3. Day: Penitentes – Basecamp Plaza Argentina (4100m).
Transfer to the entrance of the Horcones Valley Park and helicopter flight to the Plaza Argentina (if not already yesterday). Rest of the day for relaxation and settling in to the basecamp life.

4. Day: Plaza Argentina- Camp 1 (4877m).
Today we are off! Ascent to Camp 1 (4877m) through a stunning landscape following the 360° route.

5. Day: Gear transport Camp 1- Camp 2 (5456m).

6. Day: Camp 1- Camp 2 (5456m).
Ascent from Camp 1 to Camp 2 (5456m). We will settle in Camp 2 – sourrounded by stunning scenery.

7. Day: Spare day for bad weather or for relaxation at Camp 2 to charge our batteries for the following days.

8. Day: Camp 2 – Camp 3 (6000m).
Todays ascent from Camp 2 to Camp 3 (6000m) leads us back to the normal route and over a glacier field. Early dinner this evening to catch enough sleep for our summit day.

9. Day: Camp 3 – Summit 6962m Basecamp Plaza de Mulas.
The summit awaits us! We start rather early and approach the highest point of Southern America meter by meter. Finally on top of the Aconcagua, we enjoy this wonderful moment and let our gaze wander over the incredible panorama: the Andes with glacier fields, deserts and even the pacific ocean, if the weather allows. Afterwards we descend to the basecamp Plaza de Mulas, which we should be able to reach due to high performance gained from the pre-acclimatization.

10. Day: Basecamp Plaza de Mulas – Penitentes – Mendoza.
A helicopter takes us back to the entrance of the park and a van to Mendoza. Back in the town we can relax and have a cold beer to celebrate our success on Aconcagua.

11.-13. Day: Spare days for bad weather.
We advise you to book a flexible return flight so if everything goes according to plan, you can already depart earlier.

14. Day: Adiós Argentina! Individual flight back home or to an ongoing Destination.


  • Organization of the expedition
  • High altitude generator and tent for 4 weeks prior to the expedition
  • Certified IFMGA mountain guide
  • Helicopter transfer from the entrance of Horcones Valley Park – Basecamp – entrance (depending on weather and other conditions)
  • 2 nights in a single room in an upscale hotel in Mendoza with breakfast
  • The other included accommodations are double or triple occupancy (depending on availability).
  • 1 night in Las Cuevas with breakfast and dinner
  • Equipment at the basecamps (sleeping and dining tents, etc.)
  • High camp equipment (tents, stove, cooking gear, gas, meals)
  • All transfers (jeep / private shuttle)
  • Full board while at basecamp and high camps
  • Entrance fee for the Aconcagua Provincial Park
  • Permit for the climb of Aconcagua
  • Private Transfers as stated in the itinerary
  • Porter (1 porter/person)
  • Mules from Penitentes to basecamp and back (25kg personal gear / member)
  • Satellite communication for a fee and depending on availability
  • Solar charging and radios
  • Medical emergency oxygen
  • Emergency medicine, pulse oximeter
  • Security and warranty of an Austrian tour operator


  • International Airfare (ask for an offer)
  • Personal insurance
  • Shipping costs for high altitude generator and tent outside of the EU
  • Personal medicine
  • Meals and drinks not mentionedTips
  • Additional helicopter flights
  • Additional porters for personal gear
  • Personal climbing gear
  • Sleeping bag
  • All not specifically mentioned included services as well as costs that occur due to leaving the expedition earlier than the group


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South America
6,962 m / 22,841 ft
-32.6532 N°, -70.0109 E°