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Mt. Manaslu Expedition

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One of the most majestic peaks in all of Nepal is Mt. Manaslu. This sacred mountain, located in the very northern part of the Gorkha District has long been associated with Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism. Its name means "intellect" or "soul" and when you stand and behold its majesty, you will feel your soul meld with the mountain.

It was not climbed until 1956 when a team of Japanese mountaineers climbed its heights. It is known as "the Japanese mountain" as it has been popular with Japanese climbers.

The route follows the Budhi Gandaki river along the ancient salt trade route to Tibet. This area was only open to trekkers in 1991 and contains some of the most incredible scenery in Nepal. The trail passes through remote villages before entering into valleys that is home to people from Tibet who have lived in these valleys for centuries. There is plenty of wildlife to see along the way, with Mt. Manaslu luring you forward as you make your way to the mountain.

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DAY 1 – Kathmandu (elev. 1350 m/4,429 ft.) – Arrive at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu to begin your Manaslu adventure. You will be greeted by the Managing Director of Bochi-Bochi and taken directly to your hotel to rest up from your long flight.

DAY 2 -3 Kathmandu – These two days will begin preparation for the expedition. There will be a briefing at the Ministry of Tourism along with an opportunity to meet your guide, porters, and fellow climbers. There will also be some time to do some sightseeing in Kathmandu and the surrounding valley.

DAY 4 – Kathmandu to Araghat Bazar (elev. 576 m/1,889 ft.) – The journey begins today as we travel by vehicle to the city of Araghat Bazar. The city is the gateway to Manaslu and is on the western bank of the Budhi Gandaki River. The drive will cross the mountains that ring Kathmandu and then to Dhading Besi where we leave the pavement and follow dirt roads to Araghat. Araghat is a good size city, with many amenities.

DAY 5 – Trek to Khanchok (elev. 950 m/3,116 ft) – The trek follows along the Budhi Gandaki, which flows from the Manaslu region. Here it is a mighty river, cascading over rocks and rapids. The elevation here is lower than Kathmandu and you will pass through villages and forests as well as along farms and fields.

DAY 6 – Khanchok to Machakholagaon (elev. 1300 m/4,265 ft.) – Machakholagaon is a delightful village built into the side of the mountain. On the way, you will pass coffee trees, the newest cash crop for the mountain people as well as the hot springs at Tatopani.

DAY 7 – Machakholagaon to Jagat (elev. 1350 m/4,429 ft.) – The trail will cross the Budhi Gandaki today several times on suspension bridges, passing through mountain villages and by Mani Walls. Today's journey is the beautiful little village of Jagat with its streets paved in stone. This is a checkpoint for those entering the Manaslu Conservation Area.

DAY 8 – Jagat to Nyag (elev. 2300 m/7,545 ft.) – The trail continues to gain in elevation, with at times hugging the cliff high above the Budhi Gandaki. At one point, you will come to the junction where the Syar River leads off to the right toward Tsum Valley. Your journey will go west, continuing to follow the Budhi Gandaki. Here the river is smaller but has a great deal of energy at it burst forth from the High Himalayas with a great deal of power. We will spend the night in Nyag.

DAY 10 – Nyag to Prok (elev. 2100 m/6,889 ft.) – The trail continues toward the northwest as you travel now north of Manaslu. From all along the trail, Manaslu watches your every move. Its snowcapped peak juts up, reminding you of its majesty. This is its country, and you are its guest. The soul of the mountain begins to merge with your soul.

DAY 11 – Prok to Namrung (elev. 2,550 m/8,366 ft.) – At Ghap, you cross the Budhi Gandaki and then follow along the south side of the river. The trail passes by villages and through dense forests while waterfalls tumble down the sides of the mountains. Spend the night at Namrung Village.

DAY 12 – Namrung to Lho (elev. 3,150 m/10,334 ft.) This day passes by Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and villages. We move slowly as we gain in elevation.

DAY 13 – Lho to Samagaon (elev. 3,780 m/12,401 ft.) The journey climbs even high as we reach the village of Samgaon. There is a gombe nearby as well as the Manaslu glacier.

DAY 14 – Samagaon to Manaslu Base Camp (elev. 4700 m/15,419 ft.) – This is the day we have reached the first of our goals: Manaslu Base Camp. From here, we check our gear and prepare for the climb. We leave trekking behind and now start the climb up and back from this incredible mountain.

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DAY 31 – Manaslu Base Camp (elev. 4700 m/15,419 ft.) – It is a day of resting, stowing away the mountain climbing gear as well as cleaning up the Base Camp. We leave it as we found it – in pristine condition.

DAY 31 – Manaslu Base Camp to Samagaon (elev. 3,780 m/12,401 ft) – The return trip begins today, and we return the way we came. It is now downhill as we make our way toward Araghat Bazar.

DAY 32 – Samagaon to Nyak (elev. 2300 m/7,545 ft.) – Nyak is just north of where we will meet up again with the Syar River out of Tsum Valley.

DAY 32 – Nyak to Jagat (elev. 1350 m/4,429 ft.) – We cross over the Syar River and then up high above the Budhi Gandaki through the large village of Philim. Just below Philim we cross the Budhi Gandaki and proceed down the west side of the river to Jagat. DAY 50 – Jagat to Machhakholagaon (elev. 1300 m/4,265 ft.) – The trail will cross the Budhi Gandaki twice, on its way south before returning to the village of Macchakholagaon.

DAY 33 – Arughat Bazar to Kathamandu – It's a day of riding, and what a nice feeling that is! In the evening, return to your hotel in Kathmandu.

DAY 34 – Kathmandu – Some free time in Kathmandu, as well as a meeting with the Ministry of Tourism. Celebrate your mountain climb with a victory dinner in the evening with Bochi-Bochi's staff and fellow climbers.

DAY 35 – Fly Home – It's the end of a journey, and it's time to return home. You've only seen a very small part of Nepal. Be sure to talk to the staff of Bochi-Bochi about your next journey to incredible Nepal. Whether it be a mountain climb, a trek, or even a jungle adventure into the jungles of Nepal, they can handle all the arraignments for you.


  • 4 Nights hotel in Kathmandu with bed & Breakfast- tourist standard
  • Climbing Permit of Manaslu 8163 m. Expedition
  • Annapurna and Manaslu Conservation Fee
  • Food for Trekking and Expedition period for Manaslu
  • Staff: Trekking & Base camp Guide , Cook, Cook helper, necessary porter
  • Porter from Arughat to Manaslu B.C. & Base camp to Arughat
  • Equipment allowance, daily allowance for Liaison officer, expedition staff
  • 1 Climber get 1 porter carry Kathmandu –Manaslu B.C. Kath. 30kg climbing equipment
  • Life, Medical & rescue Insurance for Nepalese staff & Liaison officer
  • 1 tent for 1 person for Base camp of Manaslu & 1 tent for 2 member for trekking
  • Mattress, dining tent, Toilet tent, Store tent, Table and chairs trekking & expedition
  • Pick up & drop in Kathmandu Airport-hotel-airport
  • Emergency Oxygen -Mask and regulator in base camp, if use payable
  • Welcome dinner with typical Nepali restaurant with song & dance
  • Walkie-talkie permit & Satellite phone permit


  • PERSONAL equipment for trekking & climbing
  • Personal Life & medical Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • summit tips (Bonus)
  • Tips for Base camp staff


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