The Complete Mount Everest Equipment Gear List

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The Complete Mount Everest Equipment Gear List

Embarking on an expedition to Everest, whether from the North side in Tibet or the South side in Nepal, presents the pinnacle of mountaineering challenges. As the highest peak on the planet, Everest demands unparalleled preparation and the finest equipment for a successful ascent. In this installment of our Equipment List Series, we delve into the comprehensive gear required to conquer Everest's formidable slopes and varying climates. From the rugged terrain of Tibet to the awe-inspiring landscapes of Nepal, we equip you with the essentials for this ultimate mountaineering endeavor.

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Headwear and Eyewear

Protection for your head and eyes is crucial in high-altitude environments like Everest's South Col. Proper headwear shields against the sun's intense rays, while quality eyewear ensures clear vision and protection from snow glare.

Required Item Description Recommended Items
Helmet Protects the head from falling debris Petzl Meteor Helmet, Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet,
    Mammut Skywalker 2 Helmet
Sunglasses Shields eyes from harmful UV rays and snow glare Julbo Explorer 2.0 Sunglasses, Smith Optics Parallel Sunglasses,
    Oakley Radar EV Path Sunglasses
Goggles Essential for blizzard conditions and high winds Smith 4D MAG Goggles, Oakley Flight Deck Goggles,
    Julbo Aerospace Goggles

Base Layers

Base layers provide insulation and moisture management, keeping you warm and dry during the climb. Opt for moisture-wicking fabrics that regulate body temperature and resist odor buildup.

Required Item Description Recommended Items
Thermal Provides warmth and moisture-wicking properties Patagonia Capilene Midweight Crew, Smartwool Merino 250 Base Layer,
    Arc'teryx Rho LT Zip Neck
Base Layer Worn next to the skin for comfort and insulation Icebreaker Oasis Long Sleeve Crewe,
    Columbia Omni-Heat 3D Knit Crew
Leggings Insulates legs and wicks away moisture during high activity REI Co-op Midweight Base Layer Tights,
    Helly Hansen Lifa Merino Pants


Insulation layers trap heat close to your body, providing warmth in extreme cold. Choose lightweight, compressible options for easy packing and versatility.

Insulated apparel is essential for maintaining core body temperature in the extreme cold of Everest's South Col. Down suits, insulated jackets, and pants provide crucial warmth and protection against frostbite and hypothermia.

Required Item Description Recommended Items
Down Suit Provides maximum insulation for full-body protection Mountain Hardwear Absolute Zero Suit,
    Feathered Friends Icefall Parka and Pants,
    Rab Expedition 8000 Suit
Insulated Jacket Provides warmth in frigid temperatures and harsh winds Canada Goose Expedition Parka,
    The North Face Himalayan Parka,
    Arc'teryx Ceres SV Jacket
Insulated Pants Insulates legs and retains warmth in sub-zero temperatures Arc'teryx Nuclei FL Insulated Pants,
    Mountain Equipment Glacier 750 Pants,
    Patagonia Grade VII Down Pants

Shell Layers

Shell layers protect against wind, rain, and snow, keeping you dry and comfortable in harsh weather conditions. Look for waterproof and breathable materials to maintain optimal performance.

Required Item Description Recommended Items
Hardshell Jacket Waterproof and windproof outer layer with adjustable hood Arc'teryx Alpha SV Jacket, Patagonia Torrentshell 3L Jacket,
    The North Face Summit L5 Futurelight Jacket
Softshell Jacket Offers flexibility and breathability while providing some weather resistance Outdoor Research Ferrosi Hooded Jacket,
    Arc'teryx Gamma MX Hoody, Black Diamond Dawn Patrol Shell
Rain Pants Protects legs from rain and snow Marmot PreCip Eco Pants, REI Co-op Rainier Full-Zip Pants,
    Patagonia Torrentshell Pants


Proper footwear is essential for maintaining traction and protecting your feet from extreme cold and potential injury. Choose durable, insulated boots designed for mountaineering in harsh conditions.

Required Item Description Recommended Items
Mountaineering Boots Insulated boots with rigid soles for crampon compatibility La Sportiva Olympus Mons Cube Boots,
    Scarpa Phantom 8000 Mountaineering Boots,
    Millet Everest GTX Mountaineering Boots
Approach Shoes Provides stability and grip for rocky terrain and scrambling La Sportiva TX4 Approach Shoes,
    Scarpa Zodiac Tech Approach Shoes,
    Five Ten Guide Tennie Approach Shoes
Trekking Boots Offers support and cushioning for long-distance trekking Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX Trekking Boots,
    Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Trekking Boots,
    Vasque Breeze LT Mid GTX Trekking Boots
Camp Booties Provides warmth and comfort at rest stops and in camp The North Face Nuptse Bootie III,
    Rab Hut Booties,
    Western Mountaineering Flash Down Booties


Protecting your hands from frostbite and injury is crucial in the extreme cold of Everest's South Col. Insulated gloves and mittens provide warmth and dexterity for climbing and handling equipment.

Required Item Description Recommended Items
Insulated Gloves Provides warmth and dexterity for technical tasks Black Diamond Guide Finger Gloves,
    Outdoor Research Alti Mitts,
    Arc'teryx Alpha SV Gloves
Liner Gloves Adds extra warmth and versatility when layering Smartwool Merino 150 Glove Liners,
    The North Face Etip Gloves,
    Icebreaker Quantum Gloves

Technical Gear

Technical gear includes essential tools for climbing, safety, and navigation. These items are critical for overcoming the challenges of the Everest South Col route.

Required Item Description Recommended Items
Crampons Provides traction on ice and snow Black Diamond Contact Crampons,
    Petzl Sarken Crampons,
    Grivel G12 New Classic Crampons
Ice Axe Essential for self-arrest and glacier travel Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe,
    Petzl Summit Evo Ice Axe,
    Camp Corsa Ice Axe
Harness Secures you to ropes and anchors during climbs Black Diamond Couloir Harness,
    Petzl Altitude Harness,
    Arc'teryx FL-365 Harness

Hydration and Nutrition

Proper hydration and nutrition are vital for maintaining energy and performance at high altitudes. Plan to carry enough water and calorie-dense snacks for the duration of the climb.

Required Item Description Recommended Items
Widemouth Water bottles Sturdy bottles with wide mouths which help when freezing CamelBak Crux Reservoir,
    Platypus Big Zip EVO Reservoir,
    Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir
Water Purification Purifies water from natural sources for safe drinking MSR Guardian Purifier,
    Katadyn Gravity Camp 6L Water Filter,
    Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter System

Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is crucial for mitigating risks associated with high-altitude climbing. These items provide protection and aid in emergency situations.

Required Item Description Recommended Items
Avalanche Probe Used for probing snow layers and locating buried victims in an avalanche Black Diamond QuickDraw Carbon Probe,
    MSR Responder Avalanche Probe,
    Ortovox Carbon 240 Light Probe
Avalanche Airbag Enables airbag deployment in the event of an avalanche Mammut Avalanche Airbag 3.0,
    Arc'teryx Voltair Avalanche Airbag,
    Backcountry Access Float 32 Avalanche Airbag
Emergency Bivvy Provides shelter and warmth in unexpected situations SOL Emergency Bivvy,
    Rab Group Shelter 2,
    Survive Outdoors Longer Emergency Shelter

Climbing Accessories

Climbing accessories enhance comfort and efficiency during the ascent. These items aid in various aspects of climbing, from navigation to gear organization.

Required Item Description Recommended Items
Climbing Provides secure attachment points for ropes and gear Black Diamond RockLock Screwgate Carabiner,
Carabiners   Petzl Attache Locking Carabiner,
    DMM Phantom Screwgate Carabiner
Climbing Assists in ascending fixed ropes during glacier travel Petzl Ascension Ascender,
Ascenders   Black Diamond Index Ascender,
    CAMP Turbohand Ascender
Climbing Aids in rappelling and belaying for controlled descents Petzl GriGri Belay Device,
Belay Device   Black Diamond ATC-Guide Belay Device,
    Trango Cinch Belay Device

Camping Gear

Camping gear is essential for overnight stays during the Everest South Col climb. These items provide shelter, warmth, and comfort in harsh mountain conditions.

Required Item Description Recommended Items

Provides shelter and protection from the elements (provided by guide company)

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Tent,
    The North Face Mountain 25 Tent,
    Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2 Tent
Sleeping Pad Insulates from the cold ground and provides cushioning Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm Sleeping Pad,
    NEMO Tensor Insulated Sleeping Pad,
    REI Co-op Flash Thermal Sleeping Pad
-20c Sleeping Bag


Rated to -20°F and must be down-filled rather than synthetic filled for the sake of weight and bulk. This bag remains at basecamp.

Marmot Col -20 Sleeping Bag,
    The North Face Inferno -20 Sleeping Bag
    Rab Neutrino 800 -20 Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Bag 2 -40f/-40c Sleeping bag Rab Expedition 1400 Sleeping Bag,
    Marmot Col -40 Sleeping Bag
    Feathered Friends Snow Goose EX -40 Sleeping Bag

Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous items encompass essential gear that doesn't fit into other categories but is still vital for a successful climb.

Required Item Description Recommended Items
Trekking Poles Essential for stability and support during long approaches Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Trekking Poles,
    Leki Micro Vario Carbon Trekking Poles,
    MSR DynaLock Ascent Carbon Backcountry Poles
Headlamp Provides illumination for early startsand late finishes Petzl Actik Core Headlamp,
    Black Diamond Spot Headlamp,
    BioLite HeadLamp 750
Navigation Device Aids in route finding and orientationduring treacherous terrain Garmin GPSMAP 66i Handheld GPS,
    Suunto Ambit3 Peak GPS Watch,
    Brunton TruArc 15 Compass

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