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The cost of climbing the Seven Summits in 2024
Scaling the Seven Summits is a prestigious pursuit that attracts climbers worldwide. However, unders...
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How to Protect Yourself From the Sun on a Mountaineering or Trekking Expedition
Among the many reasons to get out into the wilderness and head on a mountaineering or trekking exped...
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Best hiking boots for women - The Top 5
Selecting the right hiking boots for women can transform a good hiking experience into a great one....
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The Best Mountaineering Boots for 4000m, 6000m, 7000m, and 8000m
Finding the right mountaineering boots is difficult: they need to be reliable, sturdy, and capable o...
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How Much Does It Cost to Climb Mt Everest in 2024?
This article has been updated with our latest 2024 data. With the autumn climbing season already co...
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The Complete Mount Everest Equipment Gear List
Embarking on an expedition to Everest, whether from the North side in Tibet or the South side in Nep...
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Annapurna I: The Most Dangerous Mountain in the World
The name Annapurna Himalaya stirs up images of majestic mountains, beautiful landscapes, and awe-ins...
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Butterflies of Everest: The Role of Poo Bags on the worlds highest mountain
A long time ago, while this author was slowly moving up the massive peak of Aconcagua, he noticed ma...
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Best Time to Visit Annapurna Base Camp: An In-Depth Exploration
Introduction When it comes to trekking in the Himalayas, timing is everything. As such, identifying...
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