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Vinson Guided Team Climb with CTSS

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Expedition Highlights: 

  • Take in the view of the mighty and breath-taking Ellsworth range from the summit of the tallest peak in Antarctica.
  • Experience the rush of flying to Antarctica and landing on an ice runway.
  • Be part of the amazing community of climbers, skiers, researchers, and adventures that pass through Union Glacier camp.
  • Peer out over the seemingly never-ending sea of ice from high camp.
  • Visit the unique and hospitable city of Punta Arenas at the southern tip of South America.

Expedition Intro

Antarctica is truly the last frontier. This continent, a mass of rock and ice covering 5,405,400 square miles (14 million sq km) of area, including the South Pole, is larger than Europe. Antarctica has no government, no permanent population, is not ruled by any one country, and is the only continent without an indigenous population. The landmass is controlled under the Antarctic Treaty, signed in 1959 and in force as of 1962. Antarctica is a desert that mainly consists of ice. It also has the distinction of being the highest continent, as defined by overall average height of the surface, due to the thick ice layer covering all land except for the tallest mountain ranges. It, of course, is the coldest continent on Earth. We begin our expedition in the small Chilean city of Punta Arenas where we do final gear checks before flying to Antarctica. Here we will transfer to a smaller plane for the flight to base camp before ascending the peak. Our route consists of low angle glacier walking down low with some moderately steep fixed rope and ridge walking up high. Overall the climbing is incredibly enjoyable, albeit cold, and very “do-able.” Climbing the Seven Summits is committed to providing the highest quality Vinson expedition.  You can be assured that it will be both challenging and fun, a true once in a lifetime. Rest assured that our professional priorities are first and foremost “Safety” and “Success” which we achieve by outfitting our teams with the best logistics and the most capable, qualified and seasoned guides in the world. CTSS is pleased to boast a 100% expedition success rate on Vinson. Vinson is a serious undertaking meant for climbers with prior experience in the cold and some climbing skills. Guides will work with clients throughout the expedition to provide logistics, guidance, and information to best ensure the clients summit success.


This itinerary is only a rough estimate and will be determined by weather and acclimatization. This is adventure travel meaning things rarely go as planned and this schedule will likely change. Climbers need to be adaptable and positive. We always recommend climbers arrive in Punta Arenas one day early to avoid travel delays or issues with lost baggage. Added expenses (hotel/food/sightseeing) of this extra day are the clients responsibility. Please let us know if you want us to arrange logistics for early arrivals or for a single rooming option.

  1. Fly from home
  2. Meet in Punta Arenas
  3. Gear checks and climber briefing
  4. Fly to Antarctica
  5. Transfer to Vinson Base Camp
  6. Carry to C1
  7. Move to C1
  8. Carry to C2
  9. Rest
  10. Move to C2
  11. Summit
  12. Descend to base camp and transfer top Union Glacier
  13. Fly to Chile
  14. Fly home
  15. Arrive home
  16. Contingency day
  17. Contingency day


  • Professional Guidance
  • Return flights from Punta Arenas Chile to Union Glacier, Antarctica
  • Return flights within Antarctica from Union Glacier Base Camp to Vinson Base Camp
  • Hotels: 3 nights lodging double occupancy in Punta Arenas (2 nights before the expedition and 1 night after: Any additional nights due to delays etc will be at your own expense.)
  • Food: All expedition (on Mountain) food is covered including breakfast, dinner, snacks and hot drinks, and breakfast at the Hotel in Punta Arenas.
  • All Team Gear: Four season tents, cooking gear, group duffels, stoves, etc. 


  • Flights to and from Punta Arenas and transport to and from the airport
  • Chile: All in town restaurant meals (breakfast is provided)
  • Personal snacks 
  • Personal gear: all personal climbing gear is the responsibility of the client In the event of a rescue, evacuation, or early departure from the group, any rescue expenses incurred or excess expenses above and beyond our normal trip costs including transport, hotels, evacuation, flight changes, and gear shipping are the responsibility of the client.
  • Guide Tips (customary but optional)
  • Costs incurred as a result of events beyond the control of CTSS above and beyond the normal expedition costs
  • Required trip insurance policy (for trip cancellation, interruption, rescue & evacuation, medical treatment, repatriation, etc.)


Expedition Information
Q1, Q4
Fitness Level
Technical Level
Group Size
CTSS (Climbing The Seven Summits)
CTSS (Climbing The Seven Summits)
4,892 m / 16,050 ft
-78.6341 N°, -85.2135 E°